Shirley Paden launched her design business “Shirley Paden Custom Knits” in 1992 with 16 hand-knit garment designs.  For over two decades she has been designing, teaching and writing instructional articles on different aspects of hand knitting.  Her designs and articles have been featured in the leading knitting


magazines, and she has lectured worldwide on multiple elements of hand knitting.  Since 2010 she has also held a series of worldwide online Design-A-Longs where Shirley has guided groups of both aspiring and experienced designers through successfully bringing their creative design ideas to life.

Today, as one of the more prominent designers, educators and entrepreneurs in the hand knitwear industry Shirley has been featured on leading television networks including HGTV and Knitting Daily TV.  She also has students all over the world who will attest to the fact that they have learned many skills and techniques through her events and lectures


This is a comprehensive guide to getting an idea out of your head and into a knitting pattern.  It’s also a fantastic resource to use to alter an existing pattern to your specifications… The book’s structure goes from planning straight through to finishing in exquisite detail.

Read more at Knitty Magazine.

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