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A Comprehensive Guide To Handknits


This book reads like a reference book-which it is. It’s not just a collection of basic shapes with a brief explanation on how to use them. It’s like an entire school year of Sweater Design all in one book. It truly is a knitwear design workshop. Knitting Scholar


WOW! This is the book knitters interested in design have been waiting for. They say that this book is a comprehensive guide, and they aren’t kidding! It’s a textbook on how to design knitwear for hand-knitting and it goes into every detail. The only thing missing is the author standing over your shoulder observing your progress. Haley Waxberg, Owner Knit-o-matic yarn shop (Toronto Ontario)


In this spiral-bound, 300-plus-page dissertation on designing handknits, Professor Paden delivers a graduate-level course for very serious knitters, using text, charts, annotated schematics, sketches, sidebars mathematical conversion formulas---every aid at her considerable disposal---to explain the myriad ways of getting exactly the look you’re after by marrying the right yarn and stitch pattern to the right silhouette and sleeve type.

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Why should you buy this book? In about 350 pages, she will explain to you how to design a sweater and figure out the math of how many stitches to do so that you can make the sweater you want or modify a commercial pattern to better fit your body. She will teach you to think about your knitting as a whole construction, not a row-by-row struggle. And she creates beautiful designs. Pam Mackenzie, In Stitches Blog

Knitwear Design Workshop


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