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Knitting the Silhouette in color work
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Knitting the Pea Coat
DAL 6 Competitors
Jan 15, 2021
Here is Shirley's response to a question Lisa asked about the collar and the lapel. Hi Lisa, It was based on the way of working Lapels in a dressmaker manner and for precision of placement that I planned my Pea Coat. It is also an example of my teaching method for Notched Lapels in Knitwear Design Workshop (KDW) - see pages 254-259. During the online meeting, we referred everyone to the pages in KDW where they could find the various techniques being used in the Pea Coat pattern because these patterns are a continuation of my teaching process. The traditional Notched Lapel is also a hallmark of the traditional Pea Coat that has been around since the 1800s. For my design, I wanted to capture that classic Pea Coat silhouette in a hand knit format (vs. cloth). Although that was my design idea, your design vision for your Pea Coat may be different, and I encourage all of you participating in the KAL to make these garments your own. My thoughts are that if you are planning to work your piece straight vs. working the V neck shaping in order to allow the tops of the front edges to turn back and serve both design and functional purposes, you will want to think about working that top turn back section in a reversible stitch pattern. I advise this because you are going to want to have the ability to close the neckline for warmth where the under side fabric will face the public. Then, you will want the top section to turn back and look like lapels where that side will face the public. Wishing you every success with your design idea. Shirley
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