Peacoat layout

This document illustrates the written Pea Coat Pattern

Buttoned Front Jacket Design

This document details the calculations and worksheets used to create the body of the Almost Serious Suit (Interweave Knits – Fall 2001). This example illustrates how to plan a double tapered jacket or cardigan with an overlapping buttoned front.

Classic Body Template

Create a formal written pattern from your worksheets by using this classic body template. Although this is a blank template for you to complete, if you want guidance you can review the written pattern example at the end of the Flying Cables Pullover

Bust Dart Technique

This document is a detailed Charted layout of the Pea Coat Back and Fronts with Bust Darts

Pattern Charts

·      Crosses and Twists

·      Double Leaves and Twists

·      Pea Coat

·      Twist Flower Pattern

The Shape of Lace

·     Fan & Feather

·      Frost Flowers

·      Spade Stitch

·      Trellised Leaf 1

·      Trellised Leaf 2

·      Lace Patterns

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