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Image by Wynand van Poortvliet
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Design Something Beautiful that someone will cherish- Shirley Paden

Shirley’s designs have been featured across numerous, globally recognized, industry publications such as Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits.

Covered in Cables

Creative in Colors

Colorwork Designs By

Shirley Paden

I have always been fascinated by clothing construction, therefore it was logical for me to focus on garments. I narrowed the stitch pattern options to lace, cables, and colorwork and organized them into the themes: Lovely in Lace, Covered in Cables, and Creative Colorwork.

Lovely In Lace 

Every designer has a different approach, mine is architectural. 

Precise measurements are at the foundation. I begin with a picture or sketch that conveys the “feeling” of the garment, then match it with a pattern stitch. I then transfer those ideas to a formal schematic. I use the schematic measurements to create the building blocks for the design construction.

Stitch Types

A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits!

Remember, a clothing designer is an artist. As Michelangelo explained that he could see David inside the block of marble, we see the garment in the ball of yarn. It is the same creative process. Enjoy the journey!